Galaxy 2000 Belt & Drum 220 Volt

Galaxy 2000

Product Overview

The introduction of the patented Super Galaxy 2000 shook up the floor sanding industry over a decade ago.

The 8” combination belt and drum sander in one machine provides the floor sanding professional with the option of using roll paper for rough cut or belts for superior finishing. Cost savings of more than 200% in abrasives can be achieved with this Galaxy feature. Only a simple change of abrasive is required to switch modes — no drum change is necessary. With the continuous 7.5 hp motor, you can complete the job ahead of schedule with less operating costs. It’s no wonder this is one of our best sellers.

Optimum Weight Distribution

Galaxy floor sanders are known for their solid build and weight behind them. This design ensures stability and gives the floor sanding an aggressive cut. Optimum weight distribution is critical to performance, as physics testifies. Galaxy machines are ideally balanced keeping the drum fixed on the floor, to deliver the best cut and sanding performance. With our drum pressure mechanism you can control the depth of cut by simply pulling a lever. No external weights are required.

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Motor Data

7.5 HP, 240 Volt, 60Hz, single phase, 1725 RPM, Air cooled, permanently lubricated.

Drum speed

2300 RPM

Drum Width


Compatible Abrasive Size

29.5 x 7.875 cloth belts



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