DriTac 7800 “Green” Sound & Moisture Control Wood Flooring Adhesive

7800 dritac

Product Overview


Supreme Green is a next generation, 5-In-1 wood flooring adhesive that provides Unlimited Subfloor Moisture Control with No Testing Required and a Lifetime Warranty! Supreme Green is a single-component, premium “green” sound and moisture control hybrid polymer wood flooring adhesive that cleans up very easily off the surface of hardwood flooring when wet or dry. Containing zero isocyanates and low odor, this adhesive helps contribute to LEED credits. Supreme Green has been independently tested and certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label Plus Program for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

DriTac 7800 Supreme Green is a system adhesive allowing for a one-day, one-step installation. Installers can accomplish in one day what it typically takes two or more days to complete. This revolutionary technology dramatically saves the installer time and the consumer money. This adhesive is recommended for residential and commercial applications.

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4 Gallon

Odor Strength

Very low odor

Adhesive use

Solid flooring