Bostik Climb – Hardwood Wall Plank & Tread Cap Adhesive

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Product Overview

Bostik® Climb is a one-component, easy gunning, non-sag adhesive that is specifically formulated for hardwood flooring, planks and blocks on interior walls and installation of stair tread caps. The Climb formula has superior green grab (grab strength while wet) and cures quickly to form a tenacious bond. Once cured, Climb remains tough yet flexible for extreme durability, helps reduce stair squeaking, and reduces the sound of footsteps on the stairs. This specialty formulation is also easy to clean off of flooring, prefinished tread caps and risers even after cure. Climb has 0% solvents and low odor.

  • Extremely strong, durable bond
  • Easy to clean, even after cure
  • Helps eliminate squeaking & reduces sound

Technical Data Sheet

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10.1 oz.