Ua Floors Wood Flooring

For high-quality wood flooring, P.C. Hardwood Floors carries Ua Floors flooring products, with a variety of styles available. Ua Floors offers flooring that is entirely non-toxic as well as visually appealing. Health is as important to Ua Floors as appearance when it comes to installing wood floors.

An Emphasis on Non-Toxicity in Flooring

Ua Floors is dedicated to providing flooring that encourages a healthy environment as much as it brings an attractive look to a room. Ua Floors manufactures floors that are durable and easy to maintain for residential and commercial locations.

Some flooring solutions are improperly glued during installation, which can result in harmful levels of formaldehyde emission. Ua Floors minimizes this emission, meeting CARBII Formaldehyde Emission Standards, along with those of the Eo in Europe and JIS/JAS F**** in Japan. Ua Floors have an easy-to-clean surface that inhibits the formation of mildew, mold, bacteria and viruses, using nano-bacteriostatic technology.

Ua floors use far-infrared ray technology to actively benefit the health of people who walk on them, improving capillary blood circulation. The floors’ biogenetic rays interact with the water molecules in people when they come into contact with the floor, ionizing and activating them within the cells and blood. Far-infrared rays are also known to improve blood viscosity and promote blood flow, subsequently increasing metabolism.

Many Available Hardwood Flooring Styles

Ua Floors manufactures several collections of prefinished engineered hardwood floors, including Olde Charleston, Diamond Forever, Manhattan, Grecian and Patrician collections. Each offers an expansive selection of natural color and texture options, including white oak, cypress, maple, hickory and pine. Ua has many different choices for both traditional and modern styles.

Choose from many different styles to match the personality of residential or commercial spaces. The various types of wood that Ua Floors sells are found internationally, and are selected by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

P.C. Hardwood Floors also carries flooring from other manufacturers including Somerset and Hallmark Hardwoods. We also carry finishing products such as Pro Finisher, along with floor care products from 3M and other top brands.