Somerset Hardwood Flooring

P.C. Hardwood Floors carries many flooring manufacturers, with the full line from Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s collection. Somerset manufactures a variety of flooring types, including options for both modern and traditional hardwood floors.

Somerset’s many hardwood flooring styles come in colors to match nearly any space.

Hardwood Flooring Styles for Any Home

The Somerset Collection of hardwood floors at P.C. Hardwood includes many different types and color variations, including white oak, hickory ember, maple onyx and many more. Their collections are crafted from Appalachian hardwood, which can bring beauty to nearly any home.

Somerset’s Appalachian timber comes from around 120 sawmill suppliers. NHLA-certified graders evaluate all lumber prior to kiln drying as well as after. Somerset is also committed to preserving natural resources, with a “waste-not” philosophy behind the business. Even tree bark is used for mulch, while the rest of the tree is effectively used in the manufacturing process. Excess sawdust and wood fiber is also used to create wood pellet fuel.

With Somerset hardwood flooring products from P.C. Hardwood Floors, nearly any room will experience added appeal.

Choose from Many Flooring Colors

Depending on the collection, there is a long list of color options for Somerset hardwood floors. Some of the many colors include natural red oak, golden oak, gunstock, mocha, metro brown, smoke, butterscotch, sable, cherry oak and mystic. Naturally occurring wood characteristics often appear in certain styles, including grain variations and colors that are not defective.

The various styles available in the Somerset Collection include Color Strip, Color Plank, Wide Plank, Classic, Homestyle, High Gloss, Character and Specialty. They are all constructed with high-quality Appalachian oak, hickory, maple or walnut. They range from rustic and lightly textured to sleek and modern.

P.C. Hardwood Floors carries many other manufacturers in addition to Somerset Hardwood Flooring, including Hallmark Hardwoods, Graf Brothers and Ua Floors. We also carry floor coating products from manufacturers such as Pro Finisher, Timbermate and Basic Coatings.