ProTeam Vacuum Cleaners for Floor Dust

Flooring installation can result in a buildup of dust, particularly during the sanding process, which is why P.C. Hardwood Floors carries vacuum cleaners from ProTeam. Wood dust can be irritating to clean up and ultimately harmful to a person’s health, but ProTeam’s vacuuming products can make cleaning up dust a nearly effortless process.

Multiple Vacuum Styles

In order to meet the requirements for a specific cleaning job, ProTeam manufactures various vacuum cleaner styles. You can choose from backpack, canister, hipstyle, upright, battery-operated, air-moving and wet/dry styles depending on the application.

ProTeam’s vacuums use the latest technology to allow for cleaning in nearly any location, from airlines and medical facilities to construction sites office buildings. Regardless of the location, ProTeam offers a vacuum that can leave areas free of dust and other air pollutants. There are options for hardwood floors as well as carpets and concrete.

For larger spaces that don’t allow for easy access to an outlet of any kind, battery-operated vacuums are available. For residential or commercial locations with freshly installed hardwood flooring, air movers and other types of vacuums are ideal for dust cleanup.

Dedicated to Developing Vacuum Technology

ProTeam is widely recognized as a lead manufacturer of innovative vacuum cleaners, and the reason for this is the company’s continued research and development to develop the most innovative vacuum cleaners in the industry. Since 1987, the experts at ProTeam have worked to come up with improved designs, putting them at the top of the commercial cleaning industry.

All ProTeam vacuum cleaners utilize an advanced filtration system to maximize the effectiveness of cleaning, and each unit uses a comfortable ergonomic design. These vacuums are designed to keep commercial vacuuming quick and simple while thoroughly cleaning any space.

In addition to carrying top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners for hardwood dust cleanup after flooring is installed, P.C. Hardwood Floors also carries beautiful hardwood floor designs from top manufacturers like Somerset, Hallmark Hardwoods and Ua Floors. We also carry a host of other cleaning products from top brands.