Lägler Floor Sanding Machines

Every flooring project requires a smooth surface. Sanding ensures that your hardwood floor has a smooth, aesthetically-pleasing, and safe surface, and is best achieved with sanding machines such as those offered by Lägler. These machines are offered at P.C. Hardwood Floors, as we believe in providing our customers with everything they need to complete their flooring projects.

Available Sanding Machines

Lägler offers a variety of sanding machines, including surface sanders (belt sanding machines and drum sanding machines), fine sanding machines, and edge/corner/stair sanding machines for smaller spaces. Lägler machines are known and trusted for their innovation and efficiency, as well as their ergonomic proficiency. These machines have been manufactured with technology such as belt, centrifugal, or triple disc sanding techniques, and meet the needs of a wide range of flooring project needs, whether commercial or individual. Lägler sanding machines are sold worldwide, and at P.C. Hardwood Floors, we are glad to be able to offer them to our customers.

Quality Accessories

Lägler also offers accessories for its sanding machines that ensure you’ll have everything you need for a safe project. Accessories like parquet layer tools to help lay down parquet strips, mosaics, or pre-finished floors are available, as are multi-clip dust bag gaskets, which help contain and seal the dust bags at the connecting socket of the machine’s guide tube—this helps keep sanding-related dust out of the air where you are working, making the work environment easier to breathe in and safer overall.

Purchase Everything You Need at P.C. Hardwood Floors

When you shop with P.C. Hardwood Floors for your flooring project, be it commercial or residential, you’ll be able to get everything you need in one convenient place. We offer accessory machines such as these sanding machines as well as fastener tools from Bostitch, floor cleaners and coatings from Bona and Dunham’s, and hardwood floors from brands such as Somerset Hardwood Flooring, Hallmark Hardwoods, Graf Brothers and more.

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