Graf Brothers Hardwood Flooring & Lumber

As the largest manufacturer of rift and quartered flooring in the world, Graf Brothers is known for high-quality hardwood flooring styles. P.C. Hardwood Floors carries solid, engineered and prefinished floors from this manufacturer, with many hardwoodspecialty options to choose from based on the project.

Create Unique Solid, Engineered or Prefinished Flooring Styles

Graf Brothers solid hardwood flooring options include white oak, red oak, walnut and hickory wood species. Their engineered options include white oak, red oak, walnut, hickory and American cherryflooring. , Prefinished floors come in a wide selection of treatments and colors. Their available styles include single strip, random, herringbone and chevron.

Graf Brothers chooses the best timber and raw materials to construct their floors, making sure their flooring will last for many years in both residential and commercial applications. Choose from widths up to 11 ½”,long lengths and thicknesses that work best for the application.Known for their rift and quartered sawn they also offer plain sawn patterns. Solid and engineered floors come in character, clear, or select and better grades.

Environmentally Conscious Hardwood Flooring

With Graf Brothers hardwood flooring, you will receive top quality flooring from an environmentally conscious manufacturer. All flooring and lumber that Graf Brothers manufacturers isfrom wood found in the Appalachian foothills, where there is an abundance of natural resources and ideal hardwoods. This location doesn’t face the dangers of deforestation that plague many other locations, while allowing Graf Brothersto take advantage of the rich trees for floors and lumber.

Graf Brothers produces some of the best hardwood floors available in the world, which is why P.C. Hardwood Floors carries their solid, engineered and prefinished options. Whether for residences or commercial locations, there are many styles to match the personality of nearly any room.