Galaxy Floor Machines

P.C. Hardwood Floors offers various types of equipment for flooring, including Galaxy floor sanding machines. The floor sanding industry relies on powerful and innovative technology in floor sanding equipment, which Galaxy offers. These floor sanding machines are designed with the latest in sanding technology to perform as some of the best sanders in the industry.

Galaxy Manufactures Various Sanding Machine Types

The many floor sanding machines that Galaxy manufactures include several types of belt sanders and drum sanders, as well as edgers and polishers. Galaxy manufactures 90% of these products’ components in house. Chassis components of mixed alloys, ground shafting and all other parts are carefully produced and sourced to ensure top quality performance.

Following assembly of the sanding machine, Galaxy then inspects each machine in order to determine if its fittings and overall functionality meet industry standards. The machine doesn’t leave the facility until Galaxy fully examines and engineers it. Each Galaxy product that we supply has undergone the same thorough examination and testing processes for optimal functionality.

Durable Floor Sanding Machinery

Galaxy manufactures some of the most durable floor sanding machines, with expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing. Galaxy machines carry a classic look coupled with modern technology to develop and maintain a strong reputation in the sanding industry, as well as the flooring industry.

Using Galaxy floor sanding machines will make sanding an easy and efficient process for both residential and commercial floors. P.C. Hardwood Floors carries different sanders depending on the type of floor that requires sanding. Some of the specific products include the BD12 belt sander, Omega 8 belt sander, Elite edger, and RS 100 radiator sander.

Along with Galaxy sanding machines, P.C. Hardwood Floors carries flooring supplies from many other manufacturers such as Clarke American Sanders, 3M and Padco. We also offer many hardwood and vinyl flooring styles from reputable manufacturers including Somerset, Hallmark Hardwoods and Ua Floors. We have everything you need to complete your flooring project from start to finish.