DriTac Flooring Adhesives

Along with many types of hardwood flooring, floor finishing and sanding products, P.C. Hardwood Floors also carries flooring adhesives from DriTac. Adhesives from DriTac are known for their high-quality urethane adhesives, with products intended for hardwood, vinyl, sundry and carpet flooring types.

Reliable Flooring Adhesive Products

DriTac manufactures a variety of pressure-sensitive moisture cure urethanes, polymeric resins and MS urethanes, all of which are regularly used in installing millions of square feet of flooring. DriTac also produces sound and moisture control systems for both commercial and residential locations. DriTac is constantly searching for ways to improve its technology, manufacturing many of the best flooring adhesive products in the industry.

Their long list of products includes pressure sensitive flooring adhesives, acrylic urethane for wood flooring, moisture control urethane, sound deadening adhesives, and crack suppressant systems. The wide variety of products allows nearly any type of flooring to benefit from DriTac adhesives throughout the installation process.

DriTac’s flooring adhesives are among the most innovative, environmentally friendly and durable in the industry. P.C. Hardwood Floors carries several of their options to make flooring installation simpler and more efficient.

Contributing to the “Green” Movement

As DriTac has continued to improve its product line, the company has also taken steps to be involved in the “Green” movement by producing a family of environmentally friendly adhesives, as well as other installation products for wood flooring.

Some of DriTac’s “Green” products include all-in-one wood flooring adhesives, polymeric resin for wet-lay installations, concrete moisture control systems, adhesive removers, and wood floor repair kits.

P.C. Hardwood Floors carries DriTac products to help ensure a smooth installation of hardwood and vinyl flooring, which we also carry from manufacturers including Somerset and Hallmark Hardwoods. Choose from many different finishes as well, from reputable manufacturers such as Pro Finisher. Our full range of products can make wood flooring installation painless and efficient, and help make sure that these installations withstand years of wear for minimal repairs.