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You Can Do It!

If you’re stuck at home trying to find a good way to spend your time, don’t worry, you’re in the same boat as millions of people in the tri-state area. It is particularly hard for those who are doers, so here are some DIY projects that you can do while practicing social distancing. The biggest perk? Your home will look great when you’re done!

Hardwood Retouching

Do you have hardwood flooring that show the wear and tear of everyday use? Sick of those scuff marks marring the beautiful finish? Why not spend a day retouching those wooden beauties?

First, you should soak the scuff marks in a vinegar-based cleaner to soften the marks. Then use a 0000-grade extra-fine steel wool to lightly scrape the mark off your floor.

Next, use a wax stick or stain marker to color in any obvious scratches or gouges. This little touch makes a huge difference on the overall look of your room. Good as new!

SPC Click-Install Flooring

Looking for a more ambitious project? Always wanted to redo that living room floor? This is a great chance to flex your flooring muscles and prove that you can finally fix the floor your wife has been complaining about. P.C. Hardwood Flooring has a great, versatile product that takes minimal experience or tools to install. All you need is a mallet to click the planks into place. No chemicals needed! Turn that dining room from drab to glam in as little as one busy afternoon! And don’t forget to send us pictures of the finished product when you’re done! 😜📷

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