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Wild and Wacky

In the mood of having some fun with your floors?

Want something that will stand out, no matter what?

We’ve complied a list of the most creative flooring ideas we could find to provide some inspiration.

  1. Geometry, Anyone?

Add drama to any room with small squares, rectangles or polygonal shapes. Different colored and shaped planks incorporated with the main floor will create an amazing contrast.

  • Double Take

Lay down two different kinds of floors in one room, with the dividing line placed strategically for effect.

  • Paint Job

Why not try for a uniform painted floor with stripe, wave or chevron pattern? Choose a color and pattern that work with your furniture and room decor. Use different colors to create a subtle contrast.

  • Go Retro

Retro styles never get old, regardless of whether you add vintage furniture or vintage wallpaper,  or even retro floor paint to a room. It’s the best way to add an element of fun to your flooring.

  • Black Jack

Create a highly dramatic, intense effect by choosing black as the floor color of your choice. Pair the floor with skylights, chic leather couches, wooden furniture, and a sophisticated colored rug for contrast.

What’s the most creative floor that you’ve seen? Share a pic with us in the comments below!

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