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Show Your Floors Some TLC

Everyone knows the basics when it comes to hardwood floor care. Y’know – don’t drag furniture across it, don’t let it get too wet, things like that.

But there are a few things that most people don’t think about, that can cause a lot of damage to your floors. As your flooring experts, we feel a responsibility to bring these issues to your attention. With a little TLC, your floors will look awesome for many years to come.


Did you know that painter’s tape can remove the finish off your floors? We have NO idea what they put in the adhesive on painter’s tape, but we do know it spells a NIGHTMARE for hardwood floors. So be careful!


Pets are awesome. Their food + water bowls? Not so much. Bowls that animals eat from tend to get dragged around, causing the underside of the bowls to scratch the surface underneath. So next time you feed Fluffy, make sure to place his food on a different surface. It’s that simple.



Although that sound may be satisfying to the woman wearing the heels, they have the power to make any flooring expert wince. Heels, (especially pointed ones), leave small indentations and pockmarks in the surface of your floors that become more and more noticeable over time.

Please remove your heels before walking on hardwood floors. Your floors (and husband 😊) will thank you.

If you have found any other household items that can damage your floors, please let us know in the comments so we can share it with our customers.

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