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Pre-Finished vs. Site-Finished


Two terms that will come up when choosing hardwood flooring for your home are PREFINISHED and SITE-FINISHED.

You’re probably wondering – WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

We’ll tell you.

The finish of hardwood refers to how it is prepared and refined as flooring. This involves many different steps, including sanding, staining, and finishing with a protective coating. Prefinished wood planks are completely finished before they ever reach your home. Once the wood planks are installed, your new floors are done! Site-finished flooring refers to wood planks that are finished after they are installed in your home. Once the planks are installed, your flooring contractor will finish your floors on-site.

Each kind has its own pros and cons. We’ve broken it down for you, to make the decision easier.

You can thank us later 😉

The greatest benefit that attracts customers to prefinished flooring is convenience. Since your wood floors are already finished prior to installation, the total time it takes to prepare your new floors is cut down drastically. But, you don’t get the personalized and customized options that are available with site-finished floors. And some exotic species may not be as readily available.

With site-finished floors, it can take time for the finish to fully cure. This cure time varies based on the type of finish chosen. Until then, your floors while dry, should not be covered with area rugs, mats or have heavy furniture placed on them. Always refer to the manufactures recommendations. Site-finishing your floors allow you more control over the end product. You can personalize many different aspects that impact the appearance of your floors: sheen level, stain color, and more. So opting for on-site finishing allows you more options when selecting the final look in your home.

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