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Money Beneath the Floorboards

While we usually have our comfort in mind when decorating our homes, many of us are thinking ahead. Namely, we are concerned with the resale value of our home.  Are these refurbishments going to bring in more money when I want to sell my home?

Here’s a quick tip for all homeowners: hardwood floors add great value to you home. According to the National Wood Flooring Association, 99% of real estate agents say homes with hardwood are easier to sell, with 90% saying they sell for more money.

Studies have been done showing that buyers are willing to spend more money to purchase a home with hardwood flooring.

Why, you may ask?

  • Hardwood floors are among the most durable flooring options out there. Consider an investment in hardwood and investment for many years to come.
  • Hardwood floors are stylish and beautiful. Demand for homes with luxurious floors is on the rise, and so homeowners can ask for more if their home meets this need.
  • Many people seek homes without carpeting as asthma and allergies have become much more common. Because hardwood floors are easier to keep clean, this kind of flooring will draw more buyers.

So, if you’re considering redoing your floors, consider hardwood flooring as a low-risk investment in your future. Put your trust in hardwood, you won’t regret it. 😄

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