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Care for Your Hardwood Floors

Congratulations! You’ve just installed hardwood floors – and your house is transformed! But now what?

Keep those floors looking good by following these 4 simple tips:

  • Sweep, Sweep, Sweep

Yup, the best way to make sure your floors stay clean is by removing the dirt with a gentle broom. We recommend using wither a soft-bristled or rubber-bristled broom to avoid scratching.

  • Felt Pads are Your Best Friends!

A few dollars go a long way! Invest in some felt pads and put them on the bottom of anything that comes into contact with your flooring. Chairs, couches, table legs, or anything that could potentially scratch up your floors.

  • Keep it Dry

Don’t ever use a wet mop on your hardwood floors. The moisture can ruin the finish or damage the wood. Instead, use specialized cleaning products specifically made for wood floors. At P.C. Hardwood Floors, we like using Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloths.

  • Renew, Refresh, Refinish

When your floors start looking a little dull, help bring back the sparkle by having professionals come to recoat your floors with a new finish. Voila! Shiny, bright, and good as new!

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